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Training Opportunities for Pastors and Church Leaders

Emotional Intelligence Specifically Designed for Men

In this particular module we will focus on what it means to be a man and how to apply emotional intelligence to your life.   Some of what we will explore include:

Deep Completion - Deep Forgiveness

Working With Anger and Losing the Excuses

Myth Busting.  What have you been told about the meaning of being a man?

Facing Your Fears

Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence for Church Leadership

Emotional Intelligence Assessment (both generally and for leadership)

Increasing your success in your workspace ( church or secular work)

What does it mean to have an intelligent conversation with others about God

Who's Following You?

Professional Interpersonal Boundaries for Clergy and Leaders

Examination and Assessment of Boundary Permeability

Attachment Styles and it's Impact on Boundary Permeability

Communication Skills and Boundaries

Professional Qualities of a Leader

Soul Care-Self Care

What is Soul Care?

Accessing Soul Care

The Importance of Self-Awareness

Soul Care Priniciples