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Offering Relationship and Life/ Mindset Regulation Coaching Services


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Life/Mindset Regulation and Relationship Coaching!!!

One of my areas of specialization deals with providing professional coaching services. If you are facing challenges or difficulties in how you interact with the important people in your life, I can help you as a relationship coach. If it is your personal growth that you want to explore and improve, I can assist you through mindset regulation. To schedule an appointment, get in touch with

me today!

Relationship Coaching

Are you preparing for marriage?  A pre-marital assessment is available with Dr. Duncan.  Have you been in a relationship or marriage for a while and feel that a tune-up is needed?  Dr. Duncan can sit with you as we examine the dynamics of your relationship and discover both your strength and growth areas.  Is your group or church interested in an all out Couples Retreat?  This program is designed with you in mind.  Contact Dr. Duncan.  He'll come to you for a full weekend encounter. 

Life Coaching with an emphasis on Mindset Regulation

In life, we sometimes get bogged down with the day-to-day routines. We experience success and setbacks. At times we find ourselves in a slump. When life seems to cave in on us, we are desperately seeking a way through the situation. Dr. Duncan is a trained counselor, but rather than getting bogged down with session after session with sometimes few to little results, Dr. Duncan has a sure fired program that will get you unstuck on the path to healthier thinking processes.

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Conversations that build Communities